Mudslide Design

Bespoke web-based software to significatly cut down on frequent and time consuming pre-shipment manual processing, removing error prone steps and replacing with easy to use guided entry proccess.

Performance metrics and quality tracking to help drive down warranty costs while getting orders shipped much quckier.

Integration with existing business software for smooth workflows.

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Save Time, Reduce Errors

Before shipment from the factory is permitted a pre-shippment inspection report is required.

Previously this consited of a document been manually prepared, taking hours per line on the order. This was clunky, error prone and time consuming.

New Bremsbook guides the user though the proesses automaticallys They are asked to proveide measurements from a sample, specific to the manufaturing spcification.

The user is also shown a set of reference images to use the tablet/mobile devices built in camera to record. The reference images are specific to the product,for example packaged accessories, box labels, and printed instractuions.

Automatic test report generation for customers to show QA standards and product performance.

Improve Performance

Metrics allows for targeted quality and efficiency improvements.

Inpection Report targets, for example, is to have the Quality Assurance step completed within 48 hours of it being ready, this data is easy to read and query.

Quality Issues are targeted to be closed within 30 days, compare month by month to see the improvements, customer satisfaction improves and so does repeat custom.