Mudslide Design

Custom web catalogue features integration with existing sales and inventry software and processes.

With features designed to save processing so time can be spent generating sales or getting orders shipped quickly.

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No more time drains

Generates PDF catalogues automatically, replacing a manual task so time consuming it hadn't been updated for years.

Now PDF catalogues can be gernerated with easy and the added benifit of been able to customise specfically for individual customers.

Shipping and Packing Labels

Spend less time packing and shipping orders, with automaticially generated shipping and packing labels, and get more orders shipped more quickly.

Customer Brand Engagement

Keeps customers up to date with latest news and products with 'on brand' emails, directly to their inbox.

With stats to help build customer engagement, including who has opened the email, which of your customers have unsubscribed, and customer surveys to allow the content to be fine tuned to increase relevance.

With lots of data available the product range and information can be targeted towards the demand or update the product details to help guide customers to the correct parts, helping to increase sales.

Mobile Application

The customer can choose to use the website on their mobile device or download the Winnard application for both Android and Apple devices, generating sales while the customer is in the yard with the trucks.